Press Release

The financial statements of the world's manufacturers of ceramic machinery and glazing materials are under review

CS 19-14

The ACIMAC Research Centre has performed the first exclusive economic and financial analysis of the main international manufacturers of ceramic machinery and glazing materials. This will serve as a valid tool to support the financial strategies of companies in this sector.

During the annual shareholders' meeting, ACIMAC presented to its members the first economic and financial overview of the main companies operating in the supply sector of machinery and colours for the ceramic industry worldwide.

This exclusive study compares the indexes of the financial statements of the individual businesses with the average national values and those of the entire sector, for the three-year period 2010-2012. This comparison brings to light the similarities and differences in the trends experienced by the companies analysed and in how they are managed.

It also provides an opportunity to evaluate and compare the economic and financial performances in the sector, based on: data about the structure and recent development of the different areas of management; data about the net financial status and on the structure of debt; the main economic and asset-related indexes of the financial statements, which are indicators of profit margin on the various levels of the value chain; indicators of financial alert and vulnerability, the ratings of the businesses and of the various size categories and a comparison with the averages in the sector.

“By performing the Analysis of the financial statement of the world's manufacturers of ceramic machinery and glazing materials -claims the President of ACIMAC, Fabio Tarozzi - our Research Centre is offering our companies yet another valid strategic support tool.”

“I have been able to see a preview of the results over the last few days and I have learned some extremely interesting, and unexpected facts” – continues Tarozzi. “For this reason, both I and my financial director will be adopting it as a working tool.”