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Ceramic machinery turnover tops 2 billion euros

CS 23-15

Based on preliminary figures published by the Acimac Research Department, the sector’s turnover has risen by 11.7% to a record high of 2.05 billion euros.

The ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers are set to close 2015 with a very positive performance. Although difficulties remain in the heavy clay and sanitaryware client sectors and in some foreign markets such as Russia, Brazil and China, the sector’s turnover is expected to pass the 2 billion euro mark for the first time in its history.

Based on preliminary figures published by the Research Department of Acimac (Italian Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association), the sector’s turnover is estimated to have risen by 11.7% with respect to the 2014 figure of 1.89 billion euros (in turn up 7% on 2013).

This excellent performance is a result of growth in both the international and Italian markets.

Exports continue to account for the largest share of the sector’s turnover, reaching 76.6% in 2015 (1.57 billion euros, up 12.6% on 2014). If these values are confirmed by the final data due to be published in June 2016, this will be the highest figure ever recorded for exports.

The Italian market continued to recover throughout the current year. Following last year’s excellent results when domestic turnover grew by 28.2%, the Acimac Research Department is predicting further 8.5% growth in 2015 bringing turnover to 480 million euros.

This was largely a result of the tax concessions on the purchase of capital goods granted by the so-called "Sabatini Bis" law. "We hope that the final text of the Stability Law under discussion in parliament will confirm the 140% amortisation for machinery purchases," commented Acimac’s Chairman, Fabio Tarozzi. "This will support the growth of the domestic market in which many of our SMEs operate."

It’s difficult to make forecasts for next year. "After two years of growth we’re expecting a cyclical slowdown in capital goods purchases and consequently a small fall in turnover," said Tarozzi.

"Next year we will be holding the exhibition Tecnargilla, the most important showcase for the sector where our member companies will be unveiling their latest technological innovations," he continued.

"This means it will be a vital year for our R&D departments and for our industry’s overall image. We’re confident that we won’t disappoint our international customers’ expectations."

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