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From Modena to Bangkok: Italian ceramic technology in the spotlight in Thailand

CS 18-15

The Italian ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers’ association ACIMAC and the Italian Trade Commission ICE organised a joint participation of Italian companies at the second edition of Asean Ceramics, which was held in Bangkok from 9 to 11 September

Italian ceramic technology sees 7% growth

CS 17-15

The 23rd national Statistical Survey conducted by ACIMAC reveals an industry turnover that has returned to pre-crisis levels at 1,836 million euros.

Italian ceramic machinery sets off for China

CS 16-15

talian technological excellence takes centre stage at Ceramics China.
As part of their presence at this major Asian exhibition, the Italian manufacturers will meet customers during an evening devoted to Italian cuisine and design .

Ceramic machinery and glaze and colour sectors see growth in average profitability

CS 14-15

The industry is continuing its recovery, largely driven by increases in productivity per employee which more than compensate for rising labour costs.

Fluctuating trend in brick and tile sector

CS 13-15

The economic and financial figures for the largest 205 brick and roof tile manufacturers continue to reflect the difficulties experienced by the sector, albeit with signs of improvement.

Financial indicators for ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers follow divergent trends

CS 12-15

The sector is expanding but there is growing disparity between the performances of Italian and non-Italian companies.

Ceramic tile companies see improved economic and financial performance

CS 11-15

The study reveals two contrasting but profitable business models.
Six Italian companies feature amongst the best performers.

Italian brick technology at MosBuild

CS 09-15

ACIMAC and ICE-Agenzia will be taking part in the second week of the building exhibition in Moscow (Russia) on 14-17 April, coordinating the presence of the Italian companies.

Italian ceramic technology sets off for Moscow

CS 07-15

Seventeen companies will be taking part in the exhibition as part of the Italian pavilion organised by Acimac in the Technoceramica section.

Italian ceramic technology goes to Indonesia

CS 06-15

Acimac and the Italian Trade Agency ITA are coordinating Italian companies’ participation in the exhibition Keramika in Jakarta.

Italian technology goes to Revestir 2015

CS 04-15

The Italian ceramic machinery manufacturers, coordinated by Acimac, will be taking part in the exhibition in São Paulo (Brazil) from 3 to 6 March

Italian machinery at Indian Ceramics 2015

CS 01-15

Acimac and the Italian Trade Agency ITA are coordinating the participation of Italian companies in the show to be held in Ahmedabad, India from 21 to 23 January