The pandemic offers invaluable insights into the future of heavy clay

With the extended lockdown, the shutdown of construction sites and the freezing of investments, the construction industry was one of the sectors hit hardest by the crisis. This in turn had serious repercussions for the entire brick and tile industry, including producers of both machinery and finished products especially those with strong export activities.

However, a number of companies have succeeded in weathering the storm by responding boldly and swiftly to the unprecedented situation. The experience of Bedeschi is exemplary and demonstrates how a company with a 98% export share has managed to remain positive and even find new ideas for future strategies.

“After an initial and entirely understandable moment of disorientation, we established two priorities: to maintain a certain level of productivity and to safeguard our relations with employees. Our entire workforce came out in support of the company, backing all our decisions and demonstrating a deep sense of loyalty,” said Chairman Rino Bedeschi, representing the fourth generation of the family at the helm of the Padua-based group. “Moreover, we firmly believe that our success is due to our people: our employees, customers, stakeholders and everyone else whose contribution has enabled us to become a major player in the heavy clay industry. All our customers have remained loyal, which I believe is due to our ability to create stable and long-lasting relationships, as well as our constant focus on new applications and tailor-made solutions and our commitment to reducing operating costs and pursuing environmental goals.

This uninterrupted market presence combined with effective management of ongoing projects in the heavy clay industry enabled Bedeschi to use the months of lockdown to continue its engineering activities and to be ready to resume production in early May.

“Despite the slowdown and the uncertain medium to long-term outlook, we are convinced that this crisis will prove to be an opportunity,” continued Rino Bedeschi with evident optimism. “The construction industry will regain momentum, not just due to the growing awareness of environmental issues but also due to changes in the way people think about their homes following the lockdown. The future will bring further digitalisation and we will see growth in off-site construction.


Read the article in Brick World Review 2/2020