“Smart off-line” from Sacmi-Gaiotto enters the fibreglass sector

Novellini is investing in digitalisation by introducing Sacmi-Gaiotto’s revolutionary programming system, which has already been successfully adopted in the glazing and coating sector

Smart off-line”, Sacmi-Gaiotto’s flagship off-line programming software, has been installed and started up in the factory of Novellini, a historic Mantua-based company that produces shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs. With this latest step, the solution builds on its success in glazing and coating to enter the new segment of fibreglass.

The contract further strengthens the more than twenty-year partnership between the two companies based on technological innovation, which gathered pace several years ago with the modernisation of Novellini’s plants with the aim of optimising raw material consumption and reducing emissions.

The digitalisation of process controls will further improve Novellini’s efficiency, resulting in lower costs and environmental footprint.

“Smart off-line” has thus proved itself to be an extremely versatile system capable of introducing common programming methods to very different sectors with fully guaranteed results.