Smalticeram turns 50

Founded in 1970, Smalticeram is now one of the most important Italian ceramic glaze and colour producers with branches in Spain, USA, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

Smalticeram, one of the most important Italian ceramic glaze and colour producers, is celebrating its first 50 years of activity. Founded in 1970 in Roteglia, Reggio Emilia in the heart of the Sassuolo ceramic cluster, over this half-century period the company has succeeded in consolidating its position and making the most of its special characteristics: a family tradition, a constant commitment to technological innovation and product diversification, flexibility and a focus on international growth. These characteristics have allowed it to establish a strong market presence and gradually expand into markets all over the world. It now operates through its branches in Spain, the United States, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

“We’ve come a long way but still have plenty more to do,” says Carlo Alberto Ovi, a representative of the third generation of Smalticeram who has shared in the success achieved so far along with all his co-workers. “Smalticeram still has a family-style managerial approach that can be seen not just in our traditional values but above all in our relationship with customers. By establishing genuine partnerships, we are able to work in close synergy with them and customise projects according to their needs.”