Sacmi Group appoints new General Manager

Mauro Fenzi takes over from Giulio Mengoli as General Manager of Sacmi Group.

Mauro Fenzi is the new general manager chosen by the Sacmi Group to replace Giulio Mengoli, who stepped down in March for personal reasons. A 59-year-old native of Genoa with a degree in Engineering from Milan Polytechnic, Fenzi has gained extensive experience working in the field of industrial automation systems and digital technologies in Italy, the United States and France, as well as management skills focused on business growth and human resources.

Fenzi has headed several major multinational groups. From 2014 to 2019 he served as CEO of COMAU, a leading company in the field of industrial automation, and from January 2020 as Managing Director of automotive components supplier SOGEFI. He previously held senior positions at market-leading companies in the aerospace and petrochemical sectors.

Thanking Giulio Mengoli for his contribution over the years, the Chairman of the Board of Sacmi, Paolo Mongardi, informed the shareholders that the change of General Manager will take place “in the most appropriate manner to ensure maximum continuity of the company’s strategic and operational management”.

Fenzi will have the opportunity to put his skills to good use within a solid and well-organised group, which succeeded in further expanding its presence in world markets in 2020 and gaining new market shares in the segments in which it operates thanks to the excellence of its products and services. The group’s strong performance is confirmed by its 2020 preliminary accounts, which point to good year-end results in terms of operating margins and cash flow generation.