Poppi Clementino collaborates on a new project with Yurtbay Seramik

Following the project completed in 2018, Poppi Clementino has received a new order from Yurtbay for work on its cogeneration systems.

The well-known Turkish ceramic tile manufacturer Yurtbay Seramik has renewed its technological partnership with Poppi Clementino Spa, the Reggio Emilia-based company specialising in heat recovery and energy efficiency solutions.

Less than three years after the installation and testing of the T60 turbine exhaust gas recovery plant, Poppi has been commissioned to carry out another project at the Yurtbay plant involving connection of the 2018 recovery plant to the new Remas 7,000-litre spray-dryer and optimisation of the first cogeneration plant installed back in 2002.

Through hard work and continuous research into new technologies, Poppi Clementino Spa has expanded its area of expertise and now specialises in the management and control of heat recovery from the outlet of engine and gas turbine cogeneration systems and channelling the recovered heat towards energy-intensive machines capable of acquiring this energy.

The company is also committed to designing new cogeneration systems and to performing detailed analyses aimed at optimising existing cogeneration plants. Following the in-field Energy Audit, it proposes improvements to ensure constant technical and economic efficiency based on the heat requirements of the user devices connected to the systems.

In the specific case of Yurtbay Seramik, continuous technological development of the Poppi Intelligent System has made it possible to interconnect the old and new cogeneration plants in parallel, guaranteeing interchangeability between the two systems in the event of a shutdown of one of them.