New Pearl chooses Poppi Clementino to improve the efficiency of its factory

An advanced energy recovery system has been successfully installed at the Chinese tile giant’s production plant.

New Pearl Group (Guangzhou), a leading Chinese ceramic tile manufacturer, has successfully installed an energy recovery system supplied by Poppi Clementino, a global partner for companies focused on factory efficiency.

The plant supplied to New Pearl collects flue gases from two kilns used for firing large slabs and sends them to a plate heat exchanger capable of transferring the energy content to a large volume of clean hot air. This air is subsequently reused in the production cycle (pre-kiln and dryers), bringing significant savings in terms of natural gas.

The device is self-cleaning and suitably shaped to protect the internal components, and it requires limited maintenance as most of the dust is collected. The technology can be easily integrated with a bag filter and accessories for treatment of the flue gases and use of their heat content.

Tested on site by the technical staff of Poppi Clementino (present in China with its own subsidiary) and New Pearl, the fully automatic solution guarantees high recovery standards and benefits from remote assistance for effective real-time supervision.

The Reggio Emilia-based company’s key strength is the high level of performance and customisation of its systems based on in-depth analysis of the needs of the production plants.

Since the 2000s Poppi Clementino has completed numerous energy recovery installations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Over the last decade the company has also been developing advanced solutions for integrating cogeneration (turbines, internal combustion engines) and supplying electricity and exhaust gases to various stages of the production process for a range of industrial sectors, including ceramics, bricks, glass and plastic.