Inter Ser grows in 2020

The third quarter of 2020 saw an excellent performance with orders and turnover already higher than those of 2019

Inter Ser, a Vercelli-based company with logistics centre in Sassuolo that was founded in 1996 and specialises in the international marketing of original spare parts and machinery for the ceramic industry, posted excellent results in the third quarter of 2020, surpassing the orders and turnover of 2019. “It is an extraordinary result that rewards our hard work in terms of rebuilding and strategic planning carried out during the lockdown period,” said CEOs Gian Luca and Paolo Zanoni. “It also vindicates our decision to hire Marco Grani at a time when investing in human resources might have looked like a risky choice.”

Grani, who was appointed Sales & Business Development Manager at Inter Ser on 9 June, is responsible for managing customer technical support and developing new products in collaboration with the company’s suppliers. His proven international experience has already brought tangible results, with new machines launched onto the market by Inter Ser rapidly attracting interest in numerous countries.

These include Roll1 and Abra Calibra. Roll1 is a dedicated machine for applying refractory engobe to the rear faces of tiles, and combined with the Rollerflex laser engraved silicone roller allows for simple, accurate and uniform product application. Abra Calibra is a gauge designed to facilitate measurements in the test runs performed periodically by the various departments to control the production process.

“The technical support provided to customers combined with our close partnerships with both new and long-standing suppliers has helped us acquire further orders, demonstrating that coordinated actions are a winning solution,” added Gian Luca Zanoni.