Innovation and automation in the Santafé factory upgrade

The longstanding partnership between Marcheluzzo S.p.A. and the Colombian group Santafé, has been even further strengthened.

The need for increasingly sophisticated technology has led the Bogotá-based company to place a further order with Marcheluzzo S.p.A for an industrial revamping project for its Soacha 3 plant.

The main aims of the project, which involved a large section of the production line, included automating processes, improving product quality and facilitating operations. Santafé is one of Latin America’s largest brick and tile producers with seven factories and a total output of 600,000 tons/year of loadbearing and partition blocks, roof tiles, pavers and facing bricks.

The Colombian group’s success derives from its spirit of innovation and focus on investment, as well as the creative flair that makes it the driving force behind the new architectural trends in the country.


Read the article in Brick World Review 2/2020