Inco adopts new Look & Feel

Inco has completed its re-branding operation consisting of a restyled logo, a new website and social media launch.

The re-branding operation conducted by Inco Industria Colori, a leading Italian glaze and colour producer with more than 30 years of experience in the market and a wide range of specialty products for ceramic decoration and inorganic pigments for many different sectors of application, involves the launch of a new logo, a new website and a presence on the leading social networks.

The company’s steady growth and internationalisation have led to the need to refresh its Look & Feel for more effective communication of its identity, values and skills, as well as its culture, style, environmental awareness, history and tradition.

While maintaining links with the experience and professional quality of the past, the restyling operation aimed to strengthen the historic Inco logo by simplifying its forms in keeping with a more modern aesthetic, thereby projecting the company towards the future. 

The new and upgraded website adopts a new information architecture centred around the company’s values and competitive advantages including R&D, technology, creativity and experience. With a wealth of text, images and videos on the company and products, the website aims is to provide more information to the market while strengthening the relationships of collaboration and trust with customers. This information will also be shared on the main social networks to further expand the company’s audience and promote ceramic culture within the sector.

The new communication tools will be officially launched during Cersaie, where the company will also present its latest new products including Alto Solido inks, glossy inks and new digital glues.

Along with its headquarters in Pavullo, Italy, Inco also has branches in India and Russia and distribution plants for the storage of ceramic inks located in several countries. Inco can assist customers in more than 35 countries worldwide thanks to its high-level technical and sales support.