Idylium, the new brand for large surfaces

Founded in July 2018 in Milan, Idylium has entered the market at the beginning of 2020 and has already a presence in Europe, USA, China, Australia and Middle East

Luca Fanara

Founded in July 2018 in Milan, Idylium is a newly established Italian company in the field of premium surfaces for the world of design. The exclusive design of its large-format “mineral stone” slabs is one of the two key areas on which the company has decided to focus. The other is the cutting-edge technology chosen to produce these products, which consists primarily of the Supera® pressing system.

The multinational company Best Surface was set up specially for the production of the large Idylium slabs, and from its Milan headquarters manages the production facility in L’Alcora in the Spanish tile manufacturing cluster of Castellón. Here, the brand new turnkey system entirely designed and built by Siti B&T Group was inaugurated in December 2019.

The plant extends over an area of more than 40,000 square metres, produces over 2 million square metres of slabs per year, and consists of 95% highly innovative machinery protected by an exclusive patent. There’s also a very wide warehouse. All the technical solutions are totally exclusive: the tower and the rear-press technology complete with through-vein kit, the press, capable of generating a pressure of 500 kg per cm2, the glazing and decoration line, the two-level kiln that reaches temperatures up to 1250°C, the logistic system and the fully automated process automation with a management system developed specifically for Idylium.

Research, development and design are all done in Italy, in collaboration with Digital Design, which has become an invaluable strategic partner.

The collections, which are named after Milan subway stations, are all in production and consist of large slabs measuring 3200x1600 mm in 6, 12, 20 and 30 mm thicknesses. Each one presents specific feature, such as ultra-high-definition digital designs, through vein effect, high-relief surfaces where reliefs can extend to a depth of 30% of the thickness of the slabs, etc….

Idylium’s CEO is Luca Fanara, a manager with extensive experience in business administration and a background in the world of luxury furniture and interior design, the new brand’s target market. “Our first steps were actually giant leaps forward” – he explains. “In less than two years we have built the plant in Spain, we have added 6 collections to our catalogue, we have teamed up with Automobili Lamborghini, we have signed contracts, and we have created an extensive sales network all over the world, largely thanks to the trust and confidence of our investors”.


Despite the Covid-19 emergency, the market is responding well. Idylium can count on an extensive distribution network in Spain and is present in Italy, Benelux, France, the United States, China, Australia and New Zealand, Greece, Russia and the Middle East.

Despite all the difficulties2020 was the year we entered the market and still managed to achieve the results we had set ourselves – Fanara adds. “Having to do without large-scale organised opportunities for improving our visibility such as trade fairs has allowed us to focus on developing a more extensive and personal one-to-one network. Our current challenges include experimentation, prestigious collaborations, new collections of slabs and much more. We’re ready for 2021, the year of the official launch of the Idylium brand onto the international market”.