Change in top management at LB

Emilio Benedetti hands over to new CEO Gianni Dini

There has been a change of leadership at the Fiorano Modenese-based LB Group, owner of companies LB Officine Meccaniche, Sitec and Sermat. On 5 May, Gianni Dini was appointed the new CEO of the group, a leader in the design and construction of plants for the treatment of raw materials and powders in the ceramic, premixed products, granulation and mining sectors.

The management handover from Emilio Benedetti to Gianni Dini is part of the process undertaken by the group in recent years as it speeds up the transition from a family business to a managerial organization, and will not involve any changes in the shareholding structure. The Ligabue family will continue to be actively involved, with Edoardo Ligabue retaining a managerial position on the group’s Board of Directors.

Gianni Dini, a manager with specialist managerial skills and a rigorous approach to management control, has held managerial roles at large Italian manufacturing groups with branches in Italy and abroad, where he has focused on profit recovery and corporate reorganisation projects.

“In a particularly challenging period when we are frequently having to consider new variables dictated by events not directly connected to our business, the industrial processes relating to financial management become essential for companies of any size,” says Dini. “The 2020-2022 three-year business plan will see substantial investments in new mechanical and digital technologies, while at the same time developing human resources through a strong commitment to training and allowing customers to make totally flexible use of all available physical and digital channels.”

Roberto Pighi, Chairman of the Group and representative of the investors who own the majority of the shares, also reaffirms his confidence in LB’s growth path: “The other shareholders and I strongly believe in LB and are fully committed to supporting the company on its growth path. Covid-19 wasn’t in our plans, but as entrepreneurs we know that unexpected events are part of the game and we’re not afraid of them.”