“Superfici antibatteriche”: ripartono il 27 gennaio i webinar tecnici di Tecna Next

The first in a series of webinars organised by CWW and Ceramic World Review for Tecna Next will be held on 2 and 4 December. Speakers will include Luca Bazzani (CEO of System), Matteo Federici (GM of Sacmi’s Tiles BU), Barbara Franchini (CEO of FM) and Paolo Lamberti (Vice Chairman of Acimac).

New Technologies, Digitalisation, Materials, Design, Sustainability and Health are the topics that will be discussed in the first Tecna Next webinar on tecnanext.com entitled “Ceramics: what’s next? Visions and opportunities for the ceramics of the future”.

The event will be held in two live streaming sessions on Tecna Next:

Held one month since the launch of Tecna Next, the webinar kicks off the platform’s programme of events and will focus on the key drivers that will guide the ceramic industry’s global growth. Presentations will be given by the two largest technology suppliers, Sacmi and System Ceramics, as well as FM, a smaller company that is equally strongly committed to research and innovation. The webinar will end with a discussion of the role of design now and in the future.

The speakers will include Luca Bazzani (CEO of System Ceramics), Matteo Federici (General Manager of Sacmi’s Tiles Business Unit, together with his colleagues Davide Barchi, Davide Simoncelli and Davide Trombettini), Barbara Franchini (CEO of FM) and Paolo Lamberti (Vice Chairman of Acimac), who will discuss the fundamental role of research in surface design and will present the events organised by Italian design firms to explore this topic.

Participants will be welcomed by Acimac’s Chairman Paolo Mongardi and Director Mario Maggiani, as well as IEG’s CEO Corrado Peraboni. The webinar will be moderated by Acimac’s Vice Director Gian Paolo Crasta and the editor of Ceramic World Review, Paola Giacomini.

Luca Bazzani
CEO of System Ceramics

Matteo Federici
General Manager of Sacmi’s Tiles Business Unit
Barbara Franchini
Paolo Lamberti
Vice Chairman of ACIMAC

The next Tecna Next webinars

“Ceramics: what’s next? Visions and opportunities for ceramics of the future” will kick off the packed programme of webinars accompanying the international community of Tecnargilla 2021 through to the exhibition itself, which is due to be held in Rimini from 27 September to 1 October.

From January onwards, there will be a series of events providing in-depth analysis of the most topical issues in the field of ceramic production, including antibacterial surfaces, the latest advances in finishing technologies, advanced smart factories, new developments in green processes, technologies for the production of sanitaryware and bricks, and new raw materials for highly innovative products.

The following is the programme of events.

  • January
Safe ceramics: Antibacterial surfaces
  • February
Developments in ceramic surface finishing
  • March
Digital factory 1: From remote support to remote testing
  • March
Digital factory 2: 100% digital ceramic surfaces
  • April
Digital factory 3: Increasingly smart logistics
  • April
Sustainability 1: Green technologies and processes in ceramics
  • May
Sustainability 2: Energy saving
  • June
Technical innovations for sanitaryware production
  • June
New raw materials for innovative ceramic products
  • July
The future of body preparation
  • July
Technical innovations for brick and roof tile production

Tecna Next, the exclusive social media platform is already a success

Launched online on 26 October, Tecna Next is the first digital platform devoted to suppliers of technologies, materials and services for the ceramic and surfaces industry and aims to cater for the entire international community of Tecnargilla. Rather than a virtual trade fair lasting just a few days, it aims to become the first sector-specific social network, and over the coming months will serve as an exclusive digital meeting place for ceramic industry professionals and open up new business opportunities.

One month after it was launched, Tecna Next continues to grow steadily, attracting new professional users and leading sector companies from all over the world. Almost 1,000 buyers and professionals from over fifty countries have already registered, mostly from Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and the United States. The platform has already reached 2,800 unique users, with more than 40,000 page views and 42% of traffic coming from Italy and 58% from 72 foreign countries.