Ancora full laser squaring machines in Italy, Spain and Portugal

The new squaring machines allow for greater control of grinding wheel wear as well as a more correct material removal.

Ancora, a SITI B&T Group company based in Sassuolo and specialising in technologies for surface finishing and treatment of ceramic tiles, has won a number of orders in recent months for the installation of squaring machines equipped with the innovative full laser system.

Some of the machines are already in operation in the factories of major customers in Italy, Spain and Portugal. This reflects the growing number of manufacturers who appreciate the benefits of this technical solution.

The new squaring machines feature automatic spindle movement according to real grinding wheel wear (rather than based on current absorption). This allows for greater control of grinding wheel wear as well as correct material removal during the squaring operations.

Further advantages include significantly less work for the line operator, greater squaring precision and quality, checking of material removal by each individual spindle and automatic compensation of grinding wheel expansion.