Altadia Group formed as a global leader in the glaze and colour industry

Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta and Ferro’s Tile Coatings Business have merged to form a group with 32 production plants in 19 countries and combined revenues of 800 million euros

The Altadia Group, resulting from the merger of Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta (EIF) and Ferro’s Tile Coatings Business (Ferro TCB), is one of the leading frit, glaze, colour and ink manufacturing groups serving the global ceramic industry. The newly-formed group is a giant in the sector with 32 production facilities in 19 countries, 19 distribution centres and aftersales services, approximately 3,600 employees and combined revenues of around 800 million euros (in 2020, EIF posted turnover of 417 million euros and Ferro TCB 386 million euros or $441 million).

Altadia owns 11 brands: Esmalglass, Itaca, Fritta, Ferro TCB, Quimicer, Endeka Ceramics, Vetriceramici, SPC Color, Gardenia Química, Zircosil and Oximet.

Former EIF co-CEOs Vicente Bagán and Antonio Blasco will lead Altadia’s new management team as CEOs, while former Ferro TCB global Vice President, Julio García, will serve as Chairman. Extraordinary global expansion, a comprehensive range of products and services, and the vast experience and expertise of the management team combining key figures from both groups are the foundations Altadia is building on to ensure the success of the new business.

As Altadia’s co-CEO Antonio Blasco noted, “The value created by this merger lies in the complementarity of a broad set of products, services, brands and employees, thus making us a more complete solution for our customers. “We believe that the merger also allows us to reinforce the distinctive characteristics of each brand. This, together with the strengthened knowledge and resources of our dedicated technical support teams as well as our combined R&D departments, will enable us to deliver even better products and services to our customers.”