ADVANCE® passes TCNA Lab tests

TCNA has confirmed the antiviral, antibacterial and antipollution properties of the new materials developed and patented by Italcer Group in late 2019

ADVANCE®, the new line of antiviral, antibacterial and antipollution porcelain surfaces from Italcer Group, has passed tests conducted over a period of several months at the laboratories of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). These tests confirmed the material’s ability to eliminate 90% of Coronaviruses after just 15 minutes of exposure to light (100% after 6 hours), and to combat 95% to 100% of various types of bacteria after 8 hours of exposure. The patent for the process was filed in late 2019.

The ADVANCE® Antibacterial & Bio-Air Purifying system also performs a photocatalytic anti-pollution action certified by the University of Turin. Within 3 hours, it achieves a 20% reduction in NOx, the main pollutants deriving from automotive and industrial combustion gases.

ADVANCE® slabs are also environmentally sustainable as they use more than 40% recycled raw materials. As Italcer’s CEO Graziano Verdi announced at the launch last summer, ADVANCE® will be applied to a number of collections produced under the Ceramica Rondine, La Fabbrica Ceramiche, AVA and Elios Ceramica brands.