ABK Group acquires 49% stake in Arbe Stolanic

ABK Group is stepping up the pace of its international expansion in the furniture sector and will begin selling the innovative “invisible” Cooking Surface Prime hob integrated with ABKSTONE and Materia slabs in international markets.

ABK Group, one of Italy’s leading producers of large, high-performance ceramic slabs, has acquired a 49% stake in Arbe Stolanic, a company based in Valencia (Spain) specialising in the production of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Arbe Stolanic holds several patents for the use of the innovative Cooking Surface Prime induction cooking system in combination with ABKSTONE and Materia slabs. This successful concept earned the Spanish company an award for best innovation in the sector at the SADECC 2019 kitchen festival in Paris.

The invisible induction cooking system is installed directly underneath the 20 mm thick slabs without the need for further machining operations, thereby optimising the kitchen space and transforming the entire countertop into a workspace while allowing for unlimited functionality and creativity. The latest version, Cooking 3.0, is also capable of cooking more quickly than conventional systems and optimises energy consumption.

ABK Group sees the acquisition of a stake in the Valencia-based company and a presence on the board of directors as a key strategy for accelerating its international expansion in the furniture sector. ABK Group’s CEO Alessandro Fabbri commented: “Arbe Stolanic is the ideal partner for guaranteeing the market a technologically unique, versatile and durable product which I am sure will become an essential part of today’s and tomorrow’s kitchens.”

The system will be sold by Arbe Stolanic under the new brand name Cooking Surface Prime in Spain, Portugal and France and distributed exclusively by AbkStone and Materia in the rest of the world.