Advantages of collective participation

Advantages of collective participation

Acimac offers companies a turnkey service for trade fair participation.
This involves collective participation in an Italian pavilion, where companies are hosted in high-quality stands with a coordinated and visually striking design.

In some cases, trade fair participation is organised with the support and funding of the Italian Trade Agency ITA.

By choosing collective participation, companies can enjoy services and organisational and economic benefits before, during and after the exhibition.

Services and benefits before the trade fair:

  1. Lower participation fees
  2. Prime position
  3. Savings in man-hours on the part of company personnel
  4. Greater freedom in choosing which trade fairs to take part in
  5. A single supplier in the form of the Association's service company or the Italian Trade Agency ITA
  6. Payment does not need to be made until shortly before the start of the exhibition
  7. Communication activities

Services and benefits during the trade fair:

  1. Support for exhibitor companies.
  2. Interpreters are provided by the Italian Trade Agency ITA.
  3. Visitors receive local-language catalogues presenting the companies in the Italian pavilion.
  4. A common lounge with a small cafeteria or restaurant service is provided.

 Services and benefits after the trade fair: 

  1. No outgoing procedures or dismantling work is required.
  2. Follow-up for visitors who have asked for information at the ITA-Acimac desk and on request for visitors who have registered on company stands.
  3. The collective catalogue is sent out to the databases of local businesses provided by the exhibition organiser or by the offices of the Italian Trade Agency ITA.