Fairs with collective participation

Asean Ceramics

Asean Ceramics

31 August - 2 September 2017
Bangkok, Thailand



27 February - 3 March 2018
Istanbul, Turkey

Ceramics China 2017

Ceramics China 2017

30 May - 2 June 2018
Guangzhou, China



20-23 July 2017
Tehran, Iran


AST4's new website is now up

The new user-friendly platform showcasing the Fiorano Modenese startup's services is now online.

LB's Divario and Freestile technologies for the new Kale collections

The new technologies make it possible to manufacture large panels with a vast range of aesthetic effects.

ICF & Welko restyles its logo and website

The rebranding operation will accompany the company’s current efforts to reorganize its international market presence.

Seiko Instruments celebrates 80 years of activity

Dagli orologi alle testine di stampa per i sistemi digitali: un percorso di successo che ha imposto l’azienda giapponese anche nell’industria ceramica.

Il neo Vice Presidente Federmeccanica Fabio Tarozzi: "Il mio impegno per i produttori emiliani di macchine"

Il Past President di ACIMAC affiancherà il Presidente Federmeccanica Dal Poz nella rappresentanza dei principali settori dell’Emilia-Romagna: macchine per ceramica e per packaging, automotive, meccanica generica.


The governing body of the Italian Ceramic Machinery Association has been elected

CS 09/2010

The general meeting of Acimac (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for the Ceramic Industry) has elected the members of the Board who, together with President Paolo Sassi and Vice-Presidents Emilio Benedetti, Paolo Lamberti and Maurizio Manzini, will be managing the association.

Italian ceramic technology heads for China

CS 07/2017

Italian technological excellence will gather in a more than 1,500 square metre space at Ceramics China devoted to the latest process innovations for the ceramic industry.

Ceramic machinery: Italy grows by +60%

CS 06/2017

Hyper-amortisation drives sales of innovative technologies in the domestic market. Exports are stable. Total turnover up by +13.3%.

Italian ceramic technology sets off for Moscow

CS 05/2017

Batimat Russia, the largest exhibition of building and interior finishings in Eastern Europe, is about to begin.

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