BMR  Spa progetta e produce macchine e impianti per levigatura e lappatura, taglio e profilatura, bisellatura e squadratura, trattamento superficiale per l’applicazione di protettivi oltre ad alimentazione, trasporto e movimentazione di piastrelle in ceramica per formati dal listello alla lastra.


Tel. +39 0522 857868

Fax. +39 0522 856475

Email: bmr@bmr.it

Wedsite: www.bmr.it



Via G. Fattori, 6
42019 Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) 

Breton offers advanced and complete technological solutions (softwares, lines and machineries) for the ceramic and bricks industries, thanks to the union of its proven and known expertise in the natural stone field with Tecnema’s know-how


Tel. +39 0423 7691

Fax. +39 0423 769600

Email: info@breton.it

Website: https://www.breton.it/en/ceramic/



Via Garibaldi, 27
31030 Castello di Godego (Treviso) 

C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY design and set up industrial plants and automated systems all over the world.
The company operates as a core business in plant engineering for the ceramic industry and is currently one of the company leaders in the sector.

C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY has a very powerful business structure that able its to follow all the stages of a project at first hand:

• initial engineering for plant designs;
• complete mechanical and electrical planning;
• creation of personalized control and supervision software;
• construction and assembly of all the main mechanical parts;
• direct set-up of electrical plants;
• assembling, commissioning and eventually production assistance;
• remote assistance via Internet 24h per day.

The maximum production flexibility, combined with its high sensitivity towards the ever-growing and different needs of customers and the markets, has always aimed at constant up-dating and product diversification as well as creating personalized plant engineering even outside its sector. 


Tel. +39 0536 301311

Fax. +39 0536 301348

Email: info@cmfspa.com

Website: www.cmftechnology.com



Via Bottegone, 73
41026 Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena) 

CISMAC has been a well-established presence in Italy and in the world in the automation sector since 1974. Its craft origins, long-term experience, the exclusively Emilian know-how, the expertise of its engineers, mechanics and testers are the guarantee that CISMAC is a reliable and sound partner for all manufacturing companies. The family running is a synonym for commitment and determination in the achievement of the highest quality and the full satisfaction of the customer, which are the real mission of our company.

CISMAC is UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certified, according to the strictest quality standards.


Tel. +39 0536 803571

Fax. +39 0536 802800

Email cismac@cismac.it

Website www.cismac.it


Via Sardegna, 1
41049 Sassuolo (Modena) 


Tel. +39 0542 58511

Fax +39 0542 52529

Email info@eti.it

Website www.eti.it


V. Pagnina, 4 
40027 Bubano Di Mordano  (Bo)

Sectors: Technical ceramics
Family of machines: Storage and handling

Ferrari & Cigarini designs and manufactures machines and systems for cutting, chamfering, profiling, forming, squaring  of porcelain tile, marble, granite and natural stone. The company also offers robotised free-standing elements to automate the feeding system, the unwrapping system and the palletization for cutting, profiling, rectifying, honing and lapping lines.



Via Ascari, 21/23
41053 Maranello (MO)

F.M. proposes itself as a technical partner in the study, design and implementation of technical articles made of thermoplastic materials. 

FM catalogue includes a range of over 5000 articles used primarily to create transport lines like: supports, pulleys, protection, supporting/confining section profiles, idler roller conveyors.

Another historical line of FM is Disk Packs. The great experience in the glazing field has allowed us to develop a complete line of disk packs which can solve any glazing problem.

Recently FM has also developed an air line which includes Green Blow, the innovative centrifugal blower that can be used for cooling / cleaning / drying of the tiles in various production processes, beside other products.

F.M. also proposes itself as a supplier in the development of customized items. All stages of development evolve within the company: from R&D laboratory to design, construction molds, and injection molding.

 The ability to develop new products allows FM to propose continuously innovations to its customers, paying great attention to new market trends like maintenance reduction and energy savings. FM is also awarded with ISO 9001 (Quality System), ISO 14001 (Environmental System) and OHSAS 18001 (Healt and Safety System).

The complete on-line catalogue is available, via activation request, on the company website (B2B menu).



Via Europa, 4
42015 Correggio (RE)



Via Giovanni Paolo II, 41/3
26010 Vaiano Cremasco (cCR)