BMR  Spa progetta e produce macchine e impianti per levigatura e lappatura, taglio e profilatura, bisellatura e squadratura, trattamento superficiale per l’applicazione di protettivi oltre ad alimentazione, trasporto e movimentazione di piastrelle in ceramica per formati dal listello alla lastra.


Tel. +39 0522 857868

Fax. +39 0522 856475

Email: bmr@bmr.it

Wedsite: www.bmr.it



Via G. Fattori, 6
42019 Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) 

C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY design and set up industrial plants and automated systems all over the world.
The company operates as a core business in plant engineering for the ceramic industry and is currently one of the company leaders in the sector.

C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY has a very powerful business structure that able its to follow all the stages of a project at first hand:

• initial engineering for plant designs;
• complete mechanical and electrical planning;
• creation of personalized control and supervision software;
• construction and assembly of all the main mechanical parts;
• direct set-up of electrical plants;
• assembling, commissioning and eventually production assistance;
• remote assistance via Internet 24h per day.

The maximum production flexibility, combined with its high sensitivity towards the ever-growing and different needs of customers and the markets, has always aimed at constant up-dating and product diversification as well as creating personalized plant engineering even outside its sector. 


Tel. +39 0536 301311

Fax. +39 0536 301348

Email: info@cmfspa.com

Website: www.cmftechnology.com



Via Bottegone, 73
41026 Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena) 

Since 1977, Ceramic Instruments has been dealing with the trade, planning and realization of laboratory instruments, offering a wide range of products and solutions for meeting the simplest as well as the most peculiar requirements of industrial and research laboratories.

Ceramic Instruments further has a significant expertise gained in many years of service to the ceramic sector, for which it offers common products as well as a large assortment of control instruments as prescribed by the European and international norms.


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Fax. +39 0536 806364

Email cerinst@ceramicinstruments.com

Website www.ceramicinstruments.com


Viale Regina Pacis, 20/26
41049 Sassuolo (Modena) 

Ferrari & Cigarini designs and manufactures machines and systems for cutting, chamfering, profiling, forming, squaring  of porcelain tile, marble, granite and natural stone. The company also offers robotised free-standing elements to automate the feeding system, the unwrapping system and the palletization for cutting, profiling, rectifying, honing and lapping lines.



Via Ascari, 21/23
41053 Maranello (MO)

Over 40 years of experience of Gabbrielli Technology srl in the ceramic industry are at your disposal. Our consolidated experience in the R&D of machine and equipments for the ceramic industry enable us to offer our customers a range of services for consultancy and supply if items not easily to be found in the market.



Via delle Bartoline, 43
50041 Calenzano (FI)

The brand name Colormix was set up in 1997 as a independent mechanical division of Electron S.r.l a company of TEMA Group located in Castelnuovo Rangone in Modena - Italy, specialized in dosing and weighing solutions.
In 2005 this division was merged into TEMA S.p.A, a company that still works on the industrial automation market and is specialized in software development and manufacture of electrical panels. Since the beginning, Colormix has been introduced in many different fields (Ceramic, Paint, Packaging Ink).

In July 2009 a new company oriented on industrial automation, ZS Tech Srl situated in Sassuolo (MO), founded by Mr Bruno Bettelli together the German chemical multinational company Zschimmer & Schwarz, bought the business unit called “COLORMIX” from the Italian company TEMA SpA. More than 400 tintometric systems have been installed in more than 20 different countries and different fields (Ceramic, Paints, Inks).

Colormix with its high technological systems has made a name for itself as a reliable company orientated to provide full customer satisfaction.
The products made by Colormix are well known on the worldwide market for ceramics, paint and flexography inks.
Innovative technology and prompt answers are the main values our customers ask for on the global market.

Starting form end of 2011, ZS Tech “entered” into the fine milling process for the production of ceramic digital decoration inks. Since the last February -2012 first NANO mill (was installed in Italian factory to produce digital decoration inks).
In year 2012, ZS TECH acquired different references and improved the knowledge on this new process.
Since TECNARGILLA 2012, ZS TECH was the first and only company that introduced into the ceramic world , a complete turnkey solution for the digital decoration inks production under the new brand ITECH.

In November 2012 the ownership of the company has returned 100% Italian, thanks to the action of Mr Bruno Bettelli (the original Co-Founder) together other 3 employees of the Company, Andrea Carandini, Fabio Manfredi and Matteo Neri.

In October 2013 the name of the company was changed from ZS TECH to I-TECH.

In March 2014, after 11 months of development, we installed the first prototype of an innovative automatic quality inspection device based on artificial neural networing that we called Intellytile (it is nowadays used in many ceramic factories to control the quality of the inkjet printers. 

In February 2016 we installed the first fully automatic glazes delivering system in ceramic, this solution was called G.O.D (Glazes on Demand).



Via dei Falegnami, 11
41049 Sassuolo (MO) 


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Email  info@italvision.it 

Website  www.italvision.it



Via R. Guttuso, 2
42049 Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) 


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Email info@omicimpianti.it

Website www.omicimpianti.it


Via Don Borghi, 2/a
42013 Veggia Casalgrande Loc. Sant'Antonino  (Reggio Emilia)